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Garage Door Service in Avondale, AZ

When you are in need of excellent garage door services, Garage Door Repair is just a phone call away! Our team is proud to have the opportunity to provide Avondale with all garage door-related services. Whether you need a repair or have a new door installed, our team will be there to help.  

Things You Can Do to Check Your Door

If your garage door gets stuck, we have some tips on how you can save a repair call. Some of the issues can be pretty simple to diagnose and you can do that on your own. Other issues would require a professional to come to take a look at.   A word of caution, always gets a professional’s help for any dangerous garage door issue.   We would like to help you understand the difference:
  • Have you noticed a draft from the weather seal not being in place?
  • Has the safety eye sensor been blocked or does it need to be cleaned?
  • Do you hear a loud noise when your door is moving?
  • Are the metal tracks bent?
  • Do the rollers stay in the tracks until the door is completely opened or closed?
  • Does the door seem to reverse itself without command?
  At Garage Door Repair of Avondale, AZ, our team of professionals helps our neighbors just like you. We are here to help you answer any of your questions and come help you out. If there is just something you can’t figure out, we will come out for you.  

Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

We receive calls every day from our customers who need us to come out and make a repair on a broken part. With all the parts involved in making a garage door work, there is bound to be an issue along with way. Our team of professional technicians is here to make these repairs and keep your garage door running smoothly. Regular maintenance is recommended at least once a year to have the parts of your door inspected. This is help extend the life of your garage door, much like having your automobile serviced. The tech can assess your door and make sure there isn’t a part that is about to breakdown.


As important as it is to have regular inspections and maintenance done on your doors, lubrication is as well. This can be done during your regular maintenance appointments. The techs can lubricate the parts of your door to keep them working smoothly and keep them from squeaking.

Emergency Services

We know there are times when an emergency can arise. Let’s say your garage door won’t open or close. This would qualify as an emergency and you should call us immediately. Our team can be to you in under an hour to help you out.

Call Our Team Today for Excellent Service

When you need an experienced team for garage door services, call Garage Door Repair to come to help you. We work 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we are always available for any garage door issues. Let us work with you today; we’re looking forward to taking your call.

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Garage Door Repair Avondale
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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Avondale please visit Garage Door Repair Avondale , AZ